The performers echoed a diverse Muslim representation with their spectacular musical renditions and vocal symphony including groups from the Arabic, Sudanese, Turkish, Pakistani, Bosnian, French and African communities who have been training with the renowned vocal maestro of the Islamic Charity Projects Association.

Needless to say, the Kids Chanting multicultural performance once again captured the audience with their multi-colored attire, devotional words and brilliant presentation that reflected the honor and prestige of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and ended in a remarkable display of fireworks.

Another powerful multilingual performance with catching rhythm and impassioned lyrics evoked a passionate response from the audience. The multilingual musical presentation ‘Muslims of the World’ imparted a significant message about the proper stance that Muslims take on terrorism. It’s not only a spectacular example of melodic flair, but more prominently a powerful and influential expression of Muslims standing against acts of terrorism especially those done in the name of Islam.

Among the lyrics of the musical piece are:
“We all denounce terrorism. We stand against it in deed and word. This is our belief, our unwavering ideal. And we are the Muslims of the world”. With those words, the Mawlid concert served another one of its momentous purpose of projecting the moderate teachings of Islam.

But to everyone’s surprise, a loud melodic drumming sound could be heard as the Nawbeh band came closer to the center of the stage. It was the unanticipated entry with the hair of the prophet peace be upon luminously sealed and protected in glass and held by the Chairman of Darulfatwa Australia, Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Husainiyy who was powerfully escorted by a marvelous and gracious line of dignified sheikhs and Imams. Soon after, the audience applauded loudly as a large display of fireworks engulfed the stage where the dignified sheikhs and imams were standing.  

The Muslim Community Radio was indeed instrumental in the months prior to the commemoration in broadcasting the festive occasion on its 92.1 FM airwaves and with live internet streaming accompanied with commentary during the event.
After the formal program of the event came to a close with a humble supplication made by his eminence Sheikh Bilal Homaysi, the attendees were invited to make their way outside to seek blessings from an honorable and authentic piece of hair of the prophet that was passed down from generation to generation.

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